Design/Build is a method of construction project delivery in which one company – the design/build company works under one contract with the customer to provide overall design and construction services and has the single source responsibility of delivering the project. This allows for faster delivery, higher cost savings, reduced risks and overall higher customer satisfaction.


Construction Management involves various administrative, business and managerial aspects of building projects. Careno Construction Company will plan, coordinate, budget, and supervise your construction project from development to completion.

We work on behalf of the client throughout the design and construction phases of the project managing the day-to-day details of the construction project. We believe that our clients derive the most benefit and value when we are brought on board as the CM at the earliest possible stage in the project. This allows our experience and expertise to be leveraged by all team members, resulting in a better final outcome and excellent working relationships during the course of the project.


By definition, a general contractor provides all the materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment and services necessary for the completion of a construction project.

With Careno Construction’s resources, expertise and leadership we can guarantee the successful delivery of your construction project. Our project leaders have the experience you can rely on, and we are proud of the relationships we have developed with our subcontractors and vendors. As a team, we will work hard to develop the cooperation, quality and respect needed to achieve a successful project.


Pre-Construction is the strategy planning for a construction project before the actual work has started.

Careno Construction works with the project’s owner to help deliver a satisfactory project that meets the owner’s objectives. In addition to estimating, the preconstruction team participates in design decisions, evaluations, studies, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, and constructability reviews. Our proven methods can minimize costs, eliminate surprises and allow fast track scheduling.