The Sassy Biscuit, Dover, NH

The Sassy Biscuit Co. seeks to use the southern culture that lives within the owner to break down
stereotypes. The overall goal is to use food and the restaurant to bring people together which is
reflected in the design and connecting their Billings, Montana Location with Dover, New Hampshire.
Along the side wall and directly above booth style seating welcoming people to gather are a series of
clocks. These clocks are set to important times and dates to the Sassy Biscuit Co. such as Juneteenth
and others are set to the time zones they lived in while serving in the Marines connecting the New
Hampshire location with various places around the world. The reflective scrabble tile countertop is
indicative of how games bring people together. This important feature reflects The Sassy Biscuit Co.’s
commitment to bring people together through food while breaking down barriers in the process.